Garments sector in bangladesh

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In Bangladesh, Empowering and Employing Women in the Garments Sector

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Education builds a strong foundation for a nation, and technology based education is an essential for a country like ours.

Textile engineering is a very prospective field of education in our country as textile, jute and Ready-Made Garments sector are the largest industrial sectors of our country and earns more than 80% of our export earnings. Bangladesh RMG Sector!

The Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry is one of the shining lights in Bangladesh, it is the country’s largest export earning industry (since the early 90s, consistently earning more than 70% of the country’s total export earnings till this day.

it is also a. Orientation Identification. "Bangladesh" is a combination of the Bengali words, Bangla and Desh, meaning the country or land where the Bangla language is.

Garments are a vital sector for the South Asian nation, whose low wages and duty-free access to Western markets have helped make it the world's largest apparel exporter after China.

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Garments sector in bangladesh
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