Lexical bundles in learner writing an analysis of formulaic language

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Formulaic Language in Learner Corpora

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Biber et al, Magic article in issue. learners’ use of lexical bundles.

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Learners tended to over- and underuse particular language units, such as linking and stance adverbials, in ways divergent from native speaker writers. The aims of the current paper are to investigate learners’ use of formulaic language in their written production of science research articles.

Consistent with similar research on lexical bundles, the analysis indicates that most bundles perform a referential function in journalistic register. These findings may be particularly useful to translators and also EFL practitioners, as they seem to give new insights into the development of learner language.

lexical bundles as they occur in learner writing. For example, Cortes () compared the writing of learners and professionals in history and biology. She found that learners often did not use the same bundles that professionals did, and when they did use the same bundles the ways in which learners used them were different from the professionals.

Lexical Bundles in Learner Writing: An Analysis of Formulaic Language in the ALESS Learner Corpus. Komaba Journal of English Education, 1, Anthony, L. (). This chapter reviews the contribution of learner corpus research to the study of two types of formulaic expression, namely collocations and lexical bundles.

Yu-Hua Chen and Paul Baker Lexical Bundles in L1 and L2 Academic Writing Language Learning & Technology 31 bundles. For example, most bundles in conversation are clausal, whereas most bundles in academic prose.

Lexical bundles in learner writing an analysis of formulaic language
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